Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facility Management


BIMMS develops and manages digital models for the production and optimization of working processes associated with the design, construction and maintenance of buildings, through specialized simulations and implementation of the latest information technologies, management strategies and collaborative working methods.

BIM Modelling and Coordination

We provide various services in BIM, BIM object libraries and creating BIM models that allow the analysis of thermal and solar power, costs, flows, emergency plans, phasing, among many other simulations and scenario that can be built.

Consulting Services & Management

BIM implementing consulting services, BIM standards development, urban metabolism analysis, various services to public and private institutions, regulators and owners

Training and Implementation

Training in BIM methodology and its implementation in companies and institutions as well as training in Architecture, Engineering, management, CAD Design and 3D to 5D Virtual Modeling. Respond to each client´s needs, with team or individual training at our facilities or in the office.

Innovation & Certification across AECO sector

Innovation services across the AECO sector, both in architecture, structures, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, thermal analyses, façade design, among others, such as through Apps development, city planning, from micro to macro scale.

BIMMS seeks to provide products and services that give a differentiated response in the market, according to the diverse needs and opportunities of current and future AECO industry, having as main vectors, the quality, innovation and inclusive methodologies.

Passionate and committed to all types of IT solutions and collaborative work strategies, we are a team dedicated to the idea of innovation and progress, and we want you to be part, as your partner, of this evolution.


"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” – Michael Jordan